Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Tatum!!

Little Miss Tatum turned 7 last weekend and had a fabulous Christmas themed party. This Santa cake is a 10-inch round, single layer white cake with a few white cupcakes for accents. She also had 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes to match.
Thank you D'Ann for your order! Maddie had a GREAT time at the party!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas-time is here!

That's one of my favorite holiday songs (it's from A Charlie Brown Christmas). But not just Christmas, it's also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and Festivus time!

I had many compliments on my little Halloween favors so I've decided to sell them for the holiday season. They're perfect for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, mailmen, etc, etc. I will offer the cakeballs in red velvet/cream cheese and chocolate/chocolate flavors. You may choose how they are decorated (colors/sprinkles/drizzles) as well as the ribbon. There is no minimum so order as many, or as few, as you'd like!

The prices are $2 for two (2) cakeballs or $3 for three (3) cakeballs. Or if you'd like or place a large order, email me and I'll be happy to give you a discounted price.

Baby Shower cake for a little princess

Again, Jake's awesome APM ladies have given me work and I have gladly accepted. This is a cake for a baby shower that was held today. It's a half-sheet, single layer marble cake with buttercream icing. The theme was to coordinate with the baby's bedding decor. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out!

Thanks Glenda for letting me do the cake for Melissa's shower!! I hope everyone liked it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Update - New Email

I apologize for everyone that has received one of my business cards in the last few weeks. My email address on the business card is out of date and I apologize for not catching it until today.

My current, working email address is

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Logan!!

Logan had his 1st birthday last weekend and his party was football themed. His mom ordered the football cake in vanilla with buttercream icing and 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes, also with buttercream icing.

Thanks so much for your business, Melissa! I hope the party was a success.

Deer Park Starlights Banquet

The Deer Park Starlights had their end of the year banquet last weekend and I did a cake and some cakeballs for the event. The cake was a full-sheet, classic white cake with buttercream icing and featured all the girls' first names. The cakeballs (not pictured) were vanilla with chocolate covering and chocolate with vanilla covering and had gold sprinkles on top.

Thanks Cassie for hiring me to do the cake for your girls!! Congrats on another great season Starlights!!

(the glare is from the saranwrap that was over the box. I accidently forgot to take a picture of the cake before I boxed it up!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yes, another Baby Shower cake!

This time it was for a shower I was co-hosting for my friend, Laura, who is expecting little boy #2 at the end of this month. Another co-host bought the paper goods for the shower and gave me a sample napkin to match. I have to tell you that I'm a SUCKER for toile patterns, I just love how beautiful they are. I even decorated Maddie's nursery in pink and brown toile!

So I knew I had to incorporate the toile somehow. Luckily, I was able to get a custom image printed onto sugar sheets so I was able to do this:

(You can see part of the plate in this picture)

Baby Shower cake for Luke

Another wonderful neighbor of mine ordered this cake for a baby shower this past weekend. I had seen pictures of baby block cakes before and when she said that's what she wanted, I was really excited because I've wanted to do one! This was a 10-inch square, double layer chocolate cake that I cut into 4 smaller squares with buttercream icing.

Mary, I hope the shower went well! Thanks so much for your order!!

Baby's Baptism cake

This is a cake I did for Sheryl's daughter, who was baptized over the weekend. Sheryl wanted the cake to match the invitations, so again, that was a big help! The cake was a 10-inch round, double layer classic white cake with buttercream icing.

Thanks for your repeat business Sheryl!!

Baby Shower cake for Jayson

Another one of my husband's wonderful co-workers requested this cake for a baby shower. It was my very first stacked cake so I was really excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily, she provided me with a sample picture for me to copy and that helped me tremendously. The top layer is a 6-inch round double layer yellow cake and the bottom is an 8-inch square double layer yellow cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.

Thanks again Jessica, I hope the momma-to-be liked it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Recently, I experimented with spice cake and cream cheese icing in my cakeballs. I bagged them up and gave them out as gifts (and so Jake and I wouldn't have to eat them all by ourselves). They turned out really cute and tasted yummier!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Cakeballs - Favors!

Another wonderful customer, Rhonda, ordered some cakeballs for her daughter's 6th birthday party. She wanted them packaged with favors so the kids could take them home. Here's how they looked!

Thanks again Rhonda!!!

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

My wonderful repeat customer, Wendy, emailed me about her son's 10th birthday party last week. Daniel wanted a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and he wanted a plain cake, no big decorations. So I tried my best to accommodate the birthday boy. This cake is an 8-inch round, double layer cake.

Thanks so much for your business, Wendy!!!

Baby Shower Cake

Here is a super cute baby shower cake I did for my lovely friend Sarah, one of the co-hostesses of the shower. She emailed me a copy of the shower invitation so I could match the theme. We went with a 8-inch round, double layer basic white cake with buttercream icing.

Thanks Sarah for letting me do this cake for the shower!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kate!!!

One of my oldest and dearest friends asked me to do the cake for her daughter's first birthday. Kate is the prettiest little red head girl I've ever met and Strawberry Shortcake was her party theme. I did a small 6-inch smash cake and a 1/4 sheet cake in classic white flavor with buttercream icing. Personally, I thought the cake tasted pretty darn good, way better than store bought; but I guess I'm biased. ;)

Sarah, thanks so much for letting me do the cake for Kate's party! I hope you didn't have too much leftover!

Baby Shower Cake

My husband's co-workers hosted a baby shower for another co-worker last week and they asked me to do the cake. The mom-to-be loves chocolate so I did a double layer 10-inch square cake in chocolate chocolate chip with buttercream icing. I think it turned out cute and I hear it tasted great, also (which is always the most important)!

Thanks APM Payroll ladies for hiring me, AGAIN!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Shower cakeballs

Deah hosted a baby shower a few weekends ago and wanted to serve cakeballs, which my mother-in-law had introduced her to. She had a brilliant idea to top the chocolate cakeballs with pecan pieces and she said they were the first to go at the shower! She also ordered vanilla cakeballs.

Thanks so much Deah!!

Happy Birthday Michael!!

Michael's 12th Birthday was a few weekends ago and he LOVES soccer. He chose lemon cake with cream cheese icing for his cake. I was a little nervous making cream cheese icing from scratch because it has to be kept refridgerated and it's a little difficult to decorate with. But it turned out pretty good and according to Michael's mom, it tasted great!

Thanks Wendy for your repeat business!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan recently celebrated his 3rd birthday and his mom got this super cute t-shirt from Janie and Jack, which she wanted the cake to match. The cake was an double layer 8-inch circle chocolate cake with buttercream icing.

Thanks so much for letting me do Logan's birthday cake! I hope your weekend was too wet!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

50th Anniversary Celebration

Being married for 50 years is a big deal these days! I was really excited to do this cake because I hadn't done an anniversary cake yet. It was a full sheet cake (approx 80 servings) in classic white with buttercream icing, some gold decorations but not too much. Also, was a half order of chocolate cakeballs and half order of vanilla cakeballs, decorated to match the cake.

The cake topper was a last minute addition. If I had planned it earlier, I would have been able to make it edible. But it still turned out pretty!

Sheri, thanks so much for letting me do this cake for the celebration!

Good Luck Tigers!!

My husband coaches a little league football team, the Sophomore Deer Park Tigers. One of the boys' parents had everyone over after a scrimmage last Saturday for a swim party so Jake asked me to whip up some cupcakes at the last minute. They're pretty basic but 4th grade boys don't really care what cake looks like, they just eat it.....quickly.

Monday, August 24, 2009

University Cheer Party

Maddie, Abby's older sister, belongs to University Cheer and they had a party last weekend. The funny thing is that I know/grew up with 2 of UC's top administrator/coaches.

Amber, I'm glad everyone liked the cupcakes! Thanks for your business again!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby's mom knew exactly what she wanted for her 2nd birthday party. I loved it because it made my job a little bit easier! This cake was a half sheet cake, classic white & chocolate, with a 2nd layer in the shape of a "2" on top. The decor on the cake matched Abby's outfit!

Thanks Amber for letting me do Abby's cake! We had a great time at the party!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Shower favors

This is a cakeball order I received that was going to be favors. I bagged them and used ribbon that matched the shower colors. The flavor was chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Thanks Vicci!!

Happy Birthday Nathan and Matthew!

Nathan and Matthew are brothers and they both play for the Pearland Patriots. So their mom ordered football cakes for their party. One cake was chocolate and the other was strawberry.

Thanks for another order, Pam!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason!!

Jan, a fellow Silverlaker, needed a birthday cake for her grandson who was turning 6 last weekend. I made this 8" round cake in chocolate with whipped buttercream icing with a Cars theme, Mason's favorite. He was so excited when I told him that the Lightning McQueen on top of the cake was actually a real car that he could keep.

Thanks Jan!!