Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi Y'all!!

I sound like Paula Deen, don't I? Welcome to my new blog that features my baking adventures! After a few failed work from home attempts, I'm giving cakes/cupcakes/cake-bites/etc a shot. Hopefully I'll find something that sticks, fingers crossed!

What is SugarBoo? When my daughter, Madeline, was a baby, I called her sugar booger. I decided that "booger" sounded a little nasty so it morphed into "SugarBoo". When thinking about a name for my sweets gig, it was the first creative thing that came to that's how I got Sugar Boo Sweets.

I am located in Pearland/Manvel, Tx and I LOVE to bake. If you need something yummy for a party or a get-together, I'm your girl. Give me a holler!

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