Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Recently, I experimented with spice cake and cream cheese icing in my cakeballs. I bagged them up and gave them out as gifts (and so Jake and I wouldn't have to eat them all by ourselves). They turned out really cute and tasted yummier!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Cakeballs - Favors!

Another wonderful customer, Rhonda, ordered some cakeballs for her daughter's 6th birthday party. She wanted them packaged with favors so the kids could take them home. Here's how they looked!

Thanks again Rhonda!!!

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

My wonderful repeat customer, Wendy, emailed me about her son's 10th birthday party last week. Daniel wanted a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and he wanted a plain cake, no big decorations. So I tried my best to accommodate the birthday boy. This cake is an 8-inch round, double layer cake.

Thanks so much for your business, Wendy!!!

Baby Shower Cake

Here is a super cute baby shower cake I did for my lovely friend Sarah, one of the co-hostesses of the shower. She emailed me a copy of the shower invitation so I could match the theme. We went with a 8-inch round, double layer basic white cake with buttercream icing.

Thanks Sarah for letting me do this cake for the shower!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kate!!!

One of my oldest and dearest friends asked me to do the cake for her daughter's first birthday. Kate is the prettiest little red head girl I've ever met and Strawberry Shortcake was her party theme. I did a small 6-inch smash cake and a 1/4 sheet cake in classic white flavor with buttercream icing. Personally, I thought the cake tasted pretty darn good, way better than store bought; but I guess I'm biased. ;)

Sarah, thanks so much for letting me do the cake for Kate's party! I hope you didn't have too much leftover!

Baby Shower Cake

My husband's co-workers hosted a baby shower for another co-worker last week and they asked me to do the cake. The mom-to-be loves chocolate so I did a double layer 10-inch square cake in chocolate chocolate chip with buttercream icing. I think it turned out cute and I hear it tasted great, also (which is always the most important)!

Thanks APM Payroll ladies for hiring me, AGAIN!!