Friday, November 20, 2009

Update - New Email

I apologize for everyone that has received one of my business cards in the last few weeks. My email address on the business card is out of date and I apologize for not catching it until today.

My current, working email address is

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Logan!!

Logan had his 1st birthday last weekend and his party was football themed. His mom ordered the football cake in vanilla with buttercream icing and 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes, also with buttercream icing.

Thanks so much for your business, Melissa! I hope the party was a success.

Deer Park Starlights Banquet

The Deer Park Starlights had their end of the year banquet last weekend and I did a cake and some cakeballs for the event. The cake was a full-sheet, classic white cake with buttercream icing and featured all the girls' first names. The cakeballs (not pictured) were vanilla with chocolate covering and chocolate with vanilla covering and had gold sprinkles on top.

Thanks Cassie for hiring me to do the cake for your girls!! Congrats on another great season Starlights!!

(the glare is from the saranwrap that was over the box. I accidently forgot to take a picture of the cake before I boxed it up!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yes, another Baby Shower cake!

This time it was for a shower I was co-hosting for my friend, Laura, who is expecting little boy #2 at the end of this month. Another co-host bought the paper goods for the shower and gave me a sample napkin to match. I have to tell you that I'm a SUCKER for toile patterns, I just love how beautiful they are. I even decorated Maddie's nursery in pink and brown toile!

So I knew I had to incorporate the toile somehow. Luckily, I was able to get a custom image printed onto sugar sheets so I was able to do this:

(You can see part of the plate in this picture)

Baby Shower cake for Luke

Another wonderful neighbor of mine ordered this cake for a baby shower this past weekend. I had seen pictures of baby block cakes before and when she said that's what she wanted, I was really excited because I've wanted to do one! This was a 10-inch square, double layer chocolate cake that I cut into 4 smaller squares with buttercream icing.

Mary, I hope the shower went well! Thanks so much for your order!!

Baby's Baptism cake

This is a cake I did for Sheryl's daughter, who was baptized over the weekend. Sheryl wanted the cake to match the invitations, so again, that was a big help! The cake was a 10-inch round, double layer classic white cake with buttercream icing.

Thanks for your repeat business Sheryl!!

Baby Shower cake for Jayson

Another one of my husband's wonderful co-workers requested this cake for a baby shower. It was my very first stacked cake so I was really excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily, she provided me with a sample picture for me to copy and that helped me tremendously. The top layer is a 6-inch round double layer yellow cake and the bottom is an 8-inch square double layer yellow cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.

Thanks again Jessica, I hope the momma-to-be liked it!